Jean-Michel WILMOTTE, architect, urban planner and designer, founded an architectural firm in 1975. Together with his team of ninety-nine people of varying nationalities, he is currently working on more than a hundred projects in France and abroad (Europe, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Japan, Russia, United States …). His firm's activities range from industrial design to architecture and include work in the fields of modern re-adaptation of old buildings and museography. As urban planner, he has developed the concept of “urban interior architecture”, which aims to treat public places with the same consideration as private homes.

Today, Jean-Michel Wilmotte is deemed one of the world's leading architects. His creative strength is revealed in projects as varied as museum buildings, art studios, contemporary art galleries in Korea, the construction of office buildings in Paris, the design of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais local government building in Lille, a university campus in the south of France…

In the museum sector, he refurbished and redesigned several wings and galleries of the Louvre Museum, rehabilitated national museums in Beirut and Lisbon and the Beaux-Arts in Lyons and Nimes.

He also restructured Paris' Collège de France, Strasbourg's European Management Pole, designed the interior layout of the new International Airport in Seoul, and the reception area and managerial offices at LVMH's Paris headquarters. He was asked by Cartier, Montblanc and Chaumet to create their new international boutiques concept. In 2005, he built a youth and cultural centre and reconverted a prison.

In the field of urban planning, he took part in a variety of projects in towns such as Lyons, Thionville, Annecy and Beirut. In 1994, he designed the urban furniture for the Champs Elysées. Today, he is working on a project to rehabilitate Volgograd's main embankment.

In 2000, he collaborated with Clara Halter by designing the setting for her monument the “Wall for Peace” located on the Champ de Mars opposite the Eiffel Tower. Again in 2003, he created the architectural backdrop for her project the “Peace Tower” in Saint Petersburg for the tercentenary foundation of the city.