EXHIBITION "War or Peace" (2005)


"War or Peace"
 2005 | Hiroshima

An Exhibition by Clara Halter
Hiroshima City Contemporary Art Museum
30 July to 25 September 2005
Inauguration date: 30 July 2005

“War or Peace” is an exhibition that will not only reveal a recognised French artist to the Japanese public but also present the process that led to the Gates of Peace in Hiroshima and to the peace monuments in Paris and Saint Petersburg.
From 1967 to 1977, Clara Halter edited the political review "Eléments", the first international publication for Peace in the Middle East.
From writing to writing, she produces magmas made of tiny repetitive modules worked under a magnifying glass and inspired by the ancestral art of writing. Clara Halter's intimate relationship with signs has led her to focus on one single word: “peace”. Repeated in 49 languages and 18 alphabets, in the manner of a scriptural invocation, the word is transformed into an infinitely huge graphic symbol destined to be etched onto the monuments where it takes on a public dimension. A word that no weapon can eradicate, a word that represents a universal dream, a word that becomes a work of art.